Not "Retiring" Or "Going Out of Business""

Word has been getting around that I am "retiring"; this is not true. I am quitting in disgust and sadness that the criminal entity I am paying taxes to is demonstrably not a legitimate government. This is the one means I have of legally striking back, by eliminating my income. This is a one-man general strike — all who wish to join me are welcome. My hope that we can stop the current lurch towards WWIII rises and falls each day.

An order came in recently with the note "We will miss you". As much as I appreciate that sentiment, my first thought was "Not nearly as much as I miss my country". Because I understand how slowly the wheels of history turn, I'm not expecting a restoration of the American Republic within a timeframe that would allow me, at my current age, to resume making Weed Wrenches. However, miracles have been known to happen and I would be delighted to help a new constitutional government get the economy moving again. In the meantime I have plenty of long-delayed projects to keep me busy, none of which will earn any taxable income. My whole life has been lived in the spirit of "voluntary simplicity". Now I am simply moving on to full-blown "opt-out".

Tom Ness using Weed Wrench to pull Scotch broomeI have talked to many customers about this in the last few months, and the feedback has been 100% supportive in spite of their disappointment. I have always found Weed Wrench customers to be more aware than average citizens, and now they are proving that again with their understanding. I regret the inconvenience I am causing to the people who need Weed Wrenches who won't get them, and I regret the harm I will do to the businesses that I do business with at a time when they need every customer they can get. But without a free country to live in, none of this makes any difference anyway.

I have spent a lifetime reading history. If I have a special area of interest it would be WWII and the era leading up to it. We can see clearly in hindsight what steps were gone through to create the fascist police state and the counter-measures which the German people did not take to prevent it. We, the American people in 2013 cannot plead ignorance as we see our government taking the same series of steps. If we do not stop this, it will be to our nation's eternal shame. — TN