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Is Weed Wrench Quitting Business?

Sadly, YES. You might have thought you could get a Weed Wrench any time you wanted. Not so. No sales after December 31, 2013.

The Weed Wrench company is not being sold, nor is it for sale. There will be no new owners, and therefore no future manufacturing of these tools. These professional-grade tools were the last of their kind.

I still need a Weed Wrench. Where Can I find one?

The Weed Wrench Exchange page has been removed. You can try finding one a local tool rental company, community tool bank, some homeowner's associations, or just get lucky on a Craigslist ad. You can always try making one yourself.

Do You Have Any Weed Wrenches For Sale?

We get calls and emails asking if we might possibly have an old Weed Wrench left around somewhere that we could sell. No. They have ALL BEEN SOLD.

I Lost An E-Clip!

This is almost always the result of assembling Weed Wrenches outdoors. The E-clip gets lost in the grass. (Reading this before assembling your own tool? Avoid this bit of tragedy by following this wise tip...assemble indoors!) Well, if you do lose an E-clip, you can often find them at better hardware stores, and auto parts stores. If you need one for a Heavy or Medium size tool, ask for a 5/8 inch E-clip. Light Weed Wrenches take a 1/2 inch, and Minis use a 3/8. It is almost always the fastest way to get your replacement.


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